The Kick-off on May 7, 2014

We made it! An idea just turned into reality.

Years of preliminary work resulted in the formulation of SATIDA. For the first time the complete project team met at Vienna University. We spent a whole day to review the project’s objectives and to discuss the next steps.

The kick-off in a nutshell:

-Welcome from Prof. Wolfgang Wagner (Head of Department; Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation) and Dr. Thomas Geist (Austrian Research Promotion Agency; Austrian Space Programme)

– We went through all work packages (user requirements, application and testing, drought index development, drought index calibration, database development and forecasting), tasks and deliverables.

– Doctors without Borders gave a detailed overview about the current nutrition programs in Africa

– It was agreed that Ethiopia would become the first use case

– We decided to limit the testing of seasonal forecasts to lead times of three months, to develop the drought indicator at time steps of 10 days at a spatial resolution of 10 kilometres

– The database will be compatible to Android smart phones and tablets

Please find the minutes of the kick-off meeting here.


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